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60-70 levels (Outland)


60-70 levels (Outland)
The first addition to the game The Burning Crusade,introduced a number of new locations and raised the bar to level 70. The new locations were located in the Outland, which was the remnants of the planet Draenor, torn apart due to careless handling of magical powers.

Strictly speaking, the entrance to the Beyond is already allowed from the 58th level. How do I do this? If you are playing on an unofficial server version before 6.0.2, then you just need to go through the Dark Portal, which is located in the Scorched Lands. If you play on the official server, then this path will not work, because now the portal will transfer you to an alternative version of Draenor (more on this later). Therefore, you can get to the Beyond through portals in the capitals of the Horde and the Alliance.

Classes are basically the same as in the interval 1-60: questing, dungeon, leveling professions, PvP. Both new and returning players, I would advise at least to fly around the locations. Outland is all that is left of Draenor, which you have yet to enter after level 90. It's funny, you know, to compare the Valley of the Ghost Moon in Outland with what it was originally.
What should you do in Outland? A small list of "good deeds" below:
Complete the quest chain and earn a reputation for getting the Void Dragon. Despite the huge number of all kinds of dragons, these animals have not lost their charm;
visit the island of Quel'Danas. This quest zone was introduced at the end of The Burning Crusade expansion. A very picturesque place, where there are such attractions as the Plateau of the Sun Well and the Terrace of the Masters.
Complete the quest chain to get the Carabor Medallion. And the chain is interesting and the medallion will come in handy if you suddenly decide to feed the glaves of Illidan in the Black Temple (the amulet teleports directly to the entrance).

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