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Already had 5 meetings with men from the site

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Already had 5 meetings with men from the site, all the guys were more than normal, came in good cars, cute, some even better than in the photo. But last I was just freaked out, met a guy 32 years, turned out we live in the same area, he offered to drive. But when I saw him I realized that my uncle is clearly under 40.. Very confused and did not know how to behave, or turn around and leave, or continue acquaintance out of politeness), it was all near my house and I was really ashamed to stand with this guy when around a lot of friends!those who meet a lot on the Internet, how do you act in such situations?

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It’s logical to look for a life partner where he goes in search of a girlfriend. By thirty, we often just understand what approximately we need from a partner. And sometimes it becomes a surprise. And the way to meet? He suddenly turns out to be not just unimportant but stupidly uninteresting. There are different options for dating. The main thing to remember is that all of them were created artificially before, and now they are created artificially. The main thing when meeting a girl is to be sincere and open, but also to remember the boundaries.
You should not get into sexual and intimate topics much, talk about past partners and relationships, and also try to find out something.


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