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do you prefer professional medicine or traditional medicine?

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do you prefer professional medicine or traditional medicine? I hope you will make this topic active

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Luckily most of the people I know prefer real medicine, which means most of them survive even fairly serious conditions.

I know/knew a few people who preferred alternative medicine though, and they didn’t survive as consistently.

Alternative medicine is fine for feel-good stuff and non-serious conditions, but most of it is complete and utter bullshit without curative powers and will kill you if you choose it above proper medicine for anything that’s actually dangerous.

Even the things that actually work, like some herbs, are so mixed up with non-functional bullshit that it’s more or less impossible to tell what’s what, and there are no proper controls so you have no idea what dose you’re getting of whatever weed they’re feeding you anyway so good luck with that.

Hopefully you’re not getting anything that interferes with your real medicine in a lethal way. Even more hopefully you’re not getting some crap that has been cut with real medicine in an effort to give an effect and make it seem like the alternative BS works.

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I do not understand people who prefer traditional medicine. it can be hazardous to health and not effective. I quickly find the medicine I need on this site. I am sure that thanks to this I can familiarize myself in more detail with various diseases and protect myself from them. in addition, when choosing a medicine, a high-quality composition and a popular manufacturer are important


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