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Hardest champions league of legends

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Hardest champions league of legends
League of Legends Rank System today.
The rank system is not available to the newly arrived LoL player. First, he must level up to the twenty-fifth level. This is a reasonable restriction, because a beginner in the League of Legends does not yet know all the features of the game, and his ignorance can spoil the game even at low ranks. For example, if he came to League of Legends from Dota, where there are completely different roles in the team (by the way, don't miss our guide roles in LoL for beginners!), and tries to go to the top line with support, the rest will just consider him a troll.
Hardest champions league of legends
By the twenty-fifth level, you already have an understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game, you usually already know which roles you like and which you don't, and you have a pool of favorite champions. Now you have access to rated games, but first you need to pass…
Qualification matches.
To get your initial league and division and start conquering the top of the ladder, you have to play ten games with automatic selection of opponents. The system has already collected some data about you while you were taking the 25th level, so the selection of players in the qualification will begin with approximately equal to you. Winning, you will get to stronger opponents, losing – to weak ones, and after ten matches the game will sum up and give you the League and Division.
Victories and defeats…
So, we have the following leagues, from the weakest to the strongest:
The Grandmaster;
The applicant.
And in each of them there are four divisions from the fourth to the first. A beginner will not be able to calibrate immediately to Grandmasters, most likely, you will find a rank somewhere between Iron and Silver, but you should not despair! The game rewards those who win more often: the more consecutive wins you make, the more MMR points you get, and the faster you grow in rank.
However, the opposite is also true – losing match after match, you will slide down faster and faster, into a creepy place that players call elo hell. Everyone has their own Elo hall, and if you have already risen to the Diamond in the game, and then landed in Gold, you will be just as uncomfortable as a Gold player who has fallen into Bronze.
Conclusion: If you win more often than you lose, you will move up the ranks. And this is what we need to strive for.

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