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How should one book the cheapest flights?

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How should one book the cheapest flights?

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Hi, probably the best I can recommend for purchasing full fare tickets is being flexible, keeping up with travel sales and buying quickly once a sale you like is published. The second option that I like the most is to purchase cheap flights on You see, most sales are gone within the hour - or several if you are lucky. But that platform can help you with that

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1. First and foremost, stay away from flight dealers and fraud websites. Flight dealers generally book tickets at fixed departure rates so there is no way the ticket will be “cheap”. On the other hand, some websites might show you the lowest airfare there can be but that is a scam. So to avoid being cheated on it is best to book your tickets from original website of the airline. To get better deals book from airlines like GoAir which provide good flight offers as well as discounts on some criteria like student discount.

2. Don’t let the cookies get you down. Cookies track you search activity as soon as you visit the website and increase the prices next time when you visit it hence, always book flights in incognito mode.

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