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Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes (10 per box)

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Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes (10 per box)
One of the most frequent reasons for visits to the dentist is bleeding, gum soreness, tooth mobility, often the need to fill in the defect of the dentition with implants. The patient faces a number of problems during treatment. With gingivitis, periodontitis, this is the duration of treatment courses. When placing implants, it is necessary, sometimes several operations, the recovery period after which takes time and makes it impossible for the patient to quickly return to normal life. Regenerative technologies that have come to dentistry today also offer a new approach to solving these problems.
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PRP is a highly effective biological stimulator of regeneration processes, containing growth factors in high concentration, as well as hormones, proteins and vitamins in a natural combination.
PRP is absolutely safe, as it is released from the patient's own blood. An injection form is prepared from it in a biotechnological laboratory, containing the amount of growth factors necessary to achieve a therapeutic effect. It is injected by a doctor into problem areas. It is important that the components contained in the plasma are absolutely natural for humans, they are not mutagens and can not cause cancer, tumors and other negative reactions.

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