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Pleasant journey.

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They say that Singapore - in our time is very beautiful and that if you fly there, it makes sense to see such sights:
Extreme night Safari in a huge zoo area of about 40 hectares. It is divided into separate sections by region: Nepal, Himalayas, jungles of Asia. This pastime guarantees you an unforgettable experience.
Visiting the Botanical garden and the national zoo of Singapore will allow you to get acquainted with the alluring animal world.
The bird Park will delight you with its green, lush vegetation, located on 20 hectares, and eight thousand birds from different countries.
Bukit Timah national reserve is also interesting. On their territory, located within the city, you can see a huge number of rare plants and visit the highest point of the city mount Timah (164 meters).
The oldest hotels in Singapore have a special beauty. For example, the hotel "Raffles" once hosted such guests as R. Kipling, Chaplin, A. Hitchcock.
And it would be nice to buy Cheap flights from London to Singapore that would be great to spend your vacation. With family or friends. Pleasant journey.

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Singapore is a beautiful city. I was struck by the fact that despite the skyscrapers, many houses are decorated with greenery. There are many colors in the country

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I also like to travel. I like to explore cities and take ideas for my home. Singapore is a very beautiful city. I liked the design and beautification of the city. Skyscrapers and hi-tech are perfectly harmonized by greens. I liked the window decor in the form of window plant pots. After returning from Singapore, I ordered window plant pots for the terrace of my house.

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