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Psychology and game planning.
Psychological training of a poker player is of great importance. It helps to start treating poker correctly – to regard it not as entertainment and gambling, but as a way of earning money. It is recommended to read books on poker psychology written by reputable psychologists. For example, the publications of Alan Schoonmaker.
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Poker psychology teaches: To
set the right goals. For example, not to win in every hand, but to play plus at a distance.
Fight with harmful emotions and negative psychological states – excitement, disappointment, despondency, anger, euphoria, tilt, fear, depression.
Objectively evaluate your own strength – do not underestimate or exaggerate the game capabilities.
Competently build a game schedule – set aside comfortable periods of time for sessions, which allows you to avoid fatigue.
To refuse to play in those states when it is impossible to make objective, balanced decisions (illness, stress, tilt, intoxication).
It is easier to bear the consequences of downstroke (deviation from the mathematical expectation).
The player needs to constantly work on himself psychologically. In order to objectively assess their own performance, game sessions are analyzed using auxiliary software tools. The software allows you to determine the causes of profit and loss: a correct or erroneous strategy, a deviation from the mathematical expectation, a combination of circumstances.

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