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Online services for sending SMS mailings, as well as mailings via popular messengers, significantly simplify the work of informing customers and customers about important company events. Online platforms for sending SMS mailings have become an indispensable tool for employees responsible for marketing and communication with customers.
Learn more about the Learn more about the <a href="">sms gateway provider api</a> from Intis Telecom.
For the most part, SMS services offer many different filters and settings, thanks to which you can take into account time zones, regional affiliation of the subscriber, send mailings to certain operators and much more. Billing on the services depends on the number of SMS messages sent, the amount of replenishment of the balance, as well as on the choice of the channel for mailing. Depending on your needs, you can choose a suitable SMS aggregator and a comfortable tariff plan.
To date, there are a large number of services on the Internet that provide a service for sending SMS mailings.
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