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SMS mailing is a marketing tool for stimulating sales growth. With it, you can quickly deliver information to the client and be sure that he has received and read it accurately.
Although it is the Internet age and it is believed that SMS messages are outdated, this tool remains effective. You just need to learn how to use it. SMS mailing is not used as often as e-mail, so it is not so annoying. And if you don't bombard customers with a bunch of messages and only send something really important, this is a great way to interest the recipients.
Find out how the sms gateway software from Intis Telecom works.
From other communication channels (television, newspapers, outdoor advertising) sms mailing lists, like e-mail, differ in that they deliver information to a person "personally in his hands". Well, the fact that such advertising can be personalized, which also gives many advantages.
But unlike e-mail, sms is something very personal and close to the recipient. After all, we are used to the fact that only relatives and friends send messages — those with whom we shared our phone number. And we will read them faster than an email.

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