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Obviously, testosterone has always existed; after all, it is a natural hormone. Even in ancient times, its power was understood. During the first Olympic games in Ancient Greece, athletes regularly consumed raw animal testicles in preparation for competition — testosterone is produced in the testicles. And although they probably did not understand what the secret was, they already noticed at that time that it gave a set of advantages.
In 1931, the German chemist Adolf Butenand extracted androstenone from urine, and in 1934, Leopold ruziczka developed a means for synthesizing the hormone.
This breakthrough in medical science was deemed so noteworthy that Butenandt and Ruzicka received the Nobel prize for his work in 1939. So testosterone in its pure form became available for mass consumption.
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Main effects of testosterone:

Increases the nitrogen content in the muscles
Increases protein synthesis
Increases the number of blood cells
Increases overall metabolic activity
Suppresses glucocorticoids (catabolic hormones)
Increases the production of IGF-1, an insulin-like growth factor.

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There are many medicines present online which can increase testosterone level. But we should visit to learn whats is the perfect one to eat. Testosterone level should be high if one wants to enjoy his sexual life. Every medicine has its side effects though.


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