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Top companies accepting Bitcoin (BTC)

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Top companies accepting Bitcoin (BTC)
Buying cars with Bitcoins.
The largest number of salons that accept payment in Bitcoins is located in the Czech Republic. The most famous car center is Alza, where a large number of new brands are presented.
You can view bitcoin stores on Cryptwerk.
Most often, payment in Bitcoins is made for a premium car. The Tesla Model S, for example, has been sold more than once for digital assets at the current exchange rate.
The sale of the first car for Bitcoins took place in California – at the Lamborghini Newport Beach car dealership. Then his example was followed by the Finnish car center Auto-outlet Helsinki Oy.
Today, you can find hundreds of ads where owners sell their cars for cryptocurrency. Mostly they are given by private individuals. And we can definitely say that they are much more popular than those ads where payment in cryptocurrency is not mentioned.

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