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"Match Adventure" is exactly where you'll start your own incredible adventure along with Gemmy the squirrel! The folks associated with the forest discovered that someone experienced destroyed the complete woodland edge overnight, leaving behind it lonely whenever they awoke one early morning. Johnny, Gemmy the particular squirrel's younger brother, has also vanished. Assist a tiny however brave squirrel in finding her sibling!

It won't become easy; you and Gemmy will have to interact with all of the forest's inhabitants, repair the previous night's events, and embark on a voyage to other planets. You, Gemmy, and her friends will travel from one world to the next, learning fresh clues about her brother's strange disappearance as well as meeting the individuals of other worlds. To rebuild the damaged edge and the woodland world, clear the territory, re-erect all the buildings and decorations, and explore them. Earn coins for building by completing the Match-3 levels.

You must clear the territory and re-erect all of the buildings in order to restore the destroyed edge and the forest environment. Gemmy will communicate with numerous characters as you travel through the levels, revealing the secret of what happened. For completing certain levels, Gemmy and the travelers will earn a reputation and a reward, as well as a piece of a secret mechanism that will aid their voyage to the next realm. Increase the world's reputation by purchasing extra decorations in the store for cash! Remember to clear the land to make place for additional buildings. Nuts will be required for this. To make the procedure go faster, use diamonds!

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