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Software development is interesting for both programmers and those who want to become one.
What is programming?
The simplest and most accurate answer is "Programming is the act of instructing computers to perform tasks." It is also called development or coding.
So what is a computer program? Software is a sequence of instructions executed by a PC. A computer is any device that can process code. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, ATMs, Raspberry Pi, servers, etc.
Actually, there are examples of programming even in everyday life. The universe is pretty predictable: day and night, seasons, sunrise and sunset. People go through stages such as meeting a new day, going to school, university or work. We receive instructions from bosses and teachers. There are also recipes that you can follow to prepare a dish.

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Software maintenance includes modifications to the software product after delivery. Automatic error logging and reporting techniques, automatic error receipt generation, and root cause analysis are just a few of the CASE tools that help organize software during the SDLC maintenance phase.

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When we need to update software to fit the current market without affecting its functionality, this is called software reengineering. It is a painstaking process where software design changes and programs are rewritten.
Outdated software cannot continue to be configured using the latest technology available on the market. As hardware becomes obsolete, software updates become a headache. Even if software ages over time, its functionality does not.

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When the software is ready to be handed over to the client, it must go through a final testing phase where it is tested for user interaction and responsiveness. This is important because even if the software meets all the requirements of the user and if the user does not like the way it looks or works, it may be rejected.

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A programming style is a set of coding rules that all programmers follow to write code. When multiple programmers are working on the same software project, they often have to work with code written by another developer. This becomes tedious or sometimes impossible if all developers do not follow some standard programming style for coding a program.

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People who have their own business, it is important for them that the information it offers is assimilated by others. Therefore, programming is needed that will help the two applications work and it will be possible to exchange information with each other without problems.

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