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Do you have a car?

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Now every third person has a car. I think it's normal. I have been instilled with a love of cars since I was a child. Sometimes I think it was too intrusive. Yes, nowadays it's impossible to live without a car. Because there is always some kind of movement going on. But I looked at how much it costs to maintain a car. And since we all want to have a good car. It's expensive to maintain. How much do you spend to maintain your car?

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I also have a car I don't know what I would do without a car. Since I ride and drive my family a lot. Recently I had a problem with the transmission. I wasn't very good at it. But the information from this site helped me. I was able to solve the problem. It had been bothering me for a long time. Now I'm fully confident that I won't have similar breakdowns. I want to tell you not to be afraid to work on your car yourself. Because it is expensive and not convenient to use the services of auto mechanics all the time.

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I don't have a car yet. But I recently got my license and my father lets me drive the family car. He said that if I study well he will give me a car.


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