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Easy way to get CS:GO skins for free


Easy way to get CS:GO skins for free
How to get skins?
1. The most basic way is to stay in the game as long as possible. The system is sharpened so that the amount of loot directly depends on the time spent in the game. Therefore, the best free drop is waiting for you during the start of the countdown period.
Do not forget that the skins of the red (secret) class are not free to get. Such skins are only in the chests that you get as a drop. But, without a key worth $ 2-3 on the incentive, you will not open the case. In addition, if you do get used to the key, it is not a fact that you will get exactly what you want. His Majesty is Random, however. Most likely, you will receive a random piece of clothing, which after opening will be in your inventory.
Easy way to get CS:GO skins for free
2. Go to the second method. This, of course, is familiar to everyone and has shaken everyone with advertising, roulette lotteries.
Sometimes, this is the way out, but it is important to note that such sites are unstable. Many players note that servers often give an error, and there are problems with the output of the received skins to the Steam account.
Another problem: succumbing to the excitement, you can leave real and not very small money on them. Either play only with promo codes, or spend real money, but in limited quantities.
The last disadvantage is that it is very difficult to get a good drop on these sites, and sometimes it is impossible at all. Remember about the scams and carefully read the reviews on each site.
If you still decide to try your luck, site names, promo codes and invitations are easy to find.
3. Skin exchange services. This is one of the most convenient and profitable options. The same thing, in fact, as ordinary transactions, but does not require your special intervention. Everything is automated - ideal for social phobes.

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