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Echo - the best Javascript developers
What is JavaScript.
Interactive elements of websites and mobile applications are often executed in JavaScript. It integrates well with HTML/CSS code, is supported by major browsers and is included in them by default. Therefore, there are no issues with launching web resources, they work without user participation.
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Let's figure out what JavaScript is, what tasks it solves and in what areas it is used.
JavaScript features.
The JavaScript tool (abbreviated as JS) refers to high-level programming languages with the ability to embed into other applications. All types of functional modules are created in the form of scripts. It is similar in syntax to the Java language, but they have only part of the name in common. The platform is regularly updated, the code is becoming more rational.
Language features:
JS was originally developed on the principle of "write less – do more".
The code supports functional, imperative, and event-oriented styles.
The platform is distributed free of charge without royalties to developers.
JavaScript syntax is not suitable for all tasks. This has led to the emergence of a number of artificial languages that are transpiled (converted) after launching in the browser. Developers write code in a language they understand, and the platform converts it to JS on the fly. Examples: CoffeeScript, Flow, Dart, TypeScript, Brython.

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