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In the UK, electric scooters are virtually illegal: they cannot be driven on public roads or sidewalks. The American company Bird, which is actively exploring continental Europe by offering the delivery of a scooter for rent at the appointed hour to the right place in the UK, is forced to be content with the offer of scooters for rent on a small section of Olympic Park in London. A revision of UK road regulations will expand the rights to use electric scooters and cargo bikes. Already in many European countries, scooters with speeds up to 50 km / h are full participants in the movement and are actively offered by rental services, since their maintenance and maintenance are cheaper than maintaining a bicycle fleet.

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Despite the official ban on the use of electric scooters on British roads, people continue to use these vehicles, often entailing serious consequences, and begin to use electric scooters where they are prohibited, including on roads and sidewalks, so the government must urgently check the current legislation.

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Manufacturers and rental companies can apply for a permit for their models. However, as polls show, the majority of the British are not yet very enthusiastic about the new opportunity to move around the city. Nevertheless, according to preliminary estimates, only 10 thousand scooters will be driving around by the end of summer. It is allowed to use this type of transport from the age of 14 and you can only ride on bike paths.

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Many of those who rent a scooter do not use it in their daily life. An electric scooter driver is not as familiar with critical situations on the road as, say, a cyclist. Almost every cyclist knows what to do when an obstacle occurs, since he has traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers before.

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In the modern world, light and maneuverable scooters are increasingly common on public roads. They cleverly maneuver in the traffic flow do not need a large parking space and are suitable for people of different ages and gender. They are used both for daily trips to school or work and for solving everyday tasks.

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The main advantage of electric scooters there is undoubtedly a battery that runs on electricity. And this means that you do not have to spend a lot of money on the purchase of gasoline, you will show by your example that you care about the cleanliness of the environment, you can always recharge if necessary if you are in a village. One charge is enough for at least forty minutes of driving. During this time, you can drive more than one kilometer. You can travel on scooters with an electric motor wherever the road surface allows. Scooters with an electric battery are inferior to gasoline models only in the driving range without recharging. You can ride them within the city, but you can always ask someone to recharge from the outlet.

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During this time, you can drive more than one kilometer.


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