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There is an application for logisticians of transport companies.

With its help, you can monitor auctions in Smart Logistics, quickly accept orders from customers and monitor the status of shipments - even if you are not at your workplace.

When cargo owners organize auctions in Smart Logistics, logisticians of transport companies receive notifications in the mobile application. Through the application, you can place a bid in the auction and receive notifications about the progress of the auction: who made a new bid, who won.

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The registrar market is oversaturated with models in different price categories. It is easy to get lost in such a variety, so it is recommended to figure out how to choose a DVR, read reviews and reviews from owners of specific models, which will help you make the right choice.

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Recorders with a portable camera ezlogz eld provider significantly save space on glass As the name implies, the camera is placed on the glass and the rest of the electronics, the display and controls can be installed in a convenient place where they do not interfere with the view. This option is also great for motorcycles and scooters. Models with two cameras in one body (one directed towards the road and the other directed towards the passenger compartment) are most often used by taxi and public transport drivers. Such recorders are also convenient for monitoring the personnel of commercial vehicles.

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With the help of a smart logistic registrar, you can carry out the delivery of goods without any problems. The entire delivery route is tracked with this device. With this program, you can deliver the goods to the client as soon as possible, which means a lot for mutual business.

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It is quite difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a car. This opens up freedom of movement and independence from public transport. Today there are a lot of auto gadgets - for every taste and color - some help us to go around traffic jams and choose the best way, the second - they warn about the danger, the third - make our trip as comfortable as possible.

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Automation of transport logistics and the introduction of TMS and YMS systems is the most effective way to increase the efficiency of shipping and shipment management, as well as its fleet. The readings are saved on USB recorders before completing the monitoring, after which the results can be exported to a computer as a file.

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Most DVRs are usually equipped with one built-in camera, which records the road. But there are also models that are equipped with two or more cameras. The second camera, as a rule, is permanently fixed in the body of the recorder and is directed into the interior of the car, which gives a lot of advantages.

append delete #7. loborow

The recorder plays a real big role in a driver's life. Now it's time to figure out the cost of this device and find out if buying it will be profitable for you. The price of the dash cam fluctuates. You can choose absolutely any device that you and your wallet will like. This is a small amount if you analyze how much you could spend on various fines.


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