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Frequently asked questions about investing

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let's discuss frequently asked questions about investing.
When a person thinks about investing money, he immediately has a lot of questions. In this thread, I would like to find answers to the most popular investment questions for those who are just starting to invest.
For example, What is an investment? Why invest? How to start investing? etc...
I believe that each person has two options to dispose of their own money: the first is to spend everything, the second is to save and invest a part. Those who prefer to spend everything live for today. Those who invest - think about the future.

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Almost every broker offers clients an application for an Android or iOS device. This is convenient, especially if you do not have the time and desire to spend hours at the trading terminal. However, the capabilities of mobile trading services vary considerably. For an investor, the functionality of the application can become a determining factor when choosing a broker.

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If you are looking to buy your first share or have been doing it for years, then consider the best investment and broker apps that were the most effective in 2021. Some are intended for trading individual stocks of popular companies, while others allow passive capital growth through an automatic investor.

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Everyone has desires - to buy a car, an apartment or a house, to go on a trip or something else. All are financial goals that require money. If there is not enough money, then you have to take out a loan and pay interest to the bank. However, if you take care of this in advance, start saving money and investing it, by the required date you will have the required amount and the need for a loan will disappear. Therefore, investing is a way to achieve your financial goals.
If you decide to invest, then the first thing you need to do is learn frequently asked questions about investing


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