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Is it worth paying for Instagram promotions?

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Is it worth paying for Instagram promotions?

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Instagram is a leading venue within the social media. Its target audience is primarily female, age range to about 30, image oriented, pay attention to details, and ranks 2nd behind Facebook (who owns Instagram). Very receptive to the use of stories.

If that is your target audience, then the answer to your question is YES, if not, then NO.

Facebook still leads the pack in sheer volume of members and reaction to ads.

The best social media venue for a given business depends entirely upon what your keywords are addressing. If you have determined that such and such is your niche, then you need to seek out the platform that best delivers to that niche.

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Of course it is! But I dont recommend any free resources. I used to buy likes and followers form my instagram account from and should say it is quite easy and safe. Most of large business accounts have been promoted with the help of such services. I am not an exception.


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