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Laying hardwood floors

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The basis for parquet.
How to lay a parquet Board? The preparatory measures for the installation of parquet flooring include the installation of the base. It should be strong and without level deviations.
Laying hardwood floors
There are two types of supporting structures:
The base is made of wood.
How to put a parquet Board on a wooden base? First, you need to remove the previous floor covering. When parquet is applied to old floors, a specialist should check their condition and make repairs.
Possible problems: the
surface is uneven;
the floorboards are wobbly;
the logs are rotten or not at the same level.
If the beams are rotten, they should be replaced and put in one horizontal level. After that, the floor is assembled from floorboards. You can use an old floorboard if it is well preserved.
Floorboards should not have large differences in level. Boards are firmly fixed to the beams to avoid their movement. After these events, you can start laying parquet.
The concrete base.
Concrete can serve as the basis for a parquet floor? If the concrete base is preserved, the procedure for restoring it is less complicated. The specialist gets rid of the previous coating, checks the condition of the concrete base. If cracks and uneven areas are found on the surface, they are primed or a self-leveling screed is used.
Is it correct to put a parquet Board on concrete? If the concrete surface is destroyed, remove it completely and fill in a new screed. Only after drying, the worker lays the parquet surface.

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How long does it take to install all of your hardwood floors? Can't wait to install this in my house. Can I contact you for the details?

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Hello!! This is very helpful, In fact, like many other sources, is very affordable. All you have to do is look for hidden deals and hardwood floor wholesalers at great prices. Today there are many types of parquet. Some are prefabricated and others are of various exotic types, both of which must be very expensive soil types and are always suitable for these types of resources. Can you share more details here?

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