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Sticky Run is a fantastically addictive, endless runner-type action/platforming game in which you control a little gray alien.

The small stranger has trespassed into an architecturally questioned area that is floating in the room. You flee after straying into the forbidden zone, which includes an increasing number of deadly slots. If you fall into one of the slots, you will become lost in space, so take care to enjoy your step!

However, in "Sticky Run" the only sweat you'll see is coming from your fingers as you run alongside a worker through absurd obstacles in a bizarre scenario where physics doesn't necessarily apply! Why run in groups when you can show you a pathway that, as individuals move, creates larger and more dangerous holes in your current path? Plus, this particular game is set in outer space, which frequently outperforms the amusement center or the fitness facility on any given day!

Endless possibilities - step over obstacles and run over surfaces to alter gravity and enhance your own gaming.
Find new alien character types with improved capabilities to assist you in managing the circumstance.
Visuals which can be one of a kind, with 3D gambling and a story cartoon design in addition to style.
Easy-to-use settings make it easy to pick up in addition to play the online game.

Link play Sticky Run:

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