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We can’t choose a family to be born in, but it doesn’t mean that people with a low income shouldn’t obtain higher education and qualification. TikoFoundation doesn’t want school graduates to waste several years after school working and saving money on studying. We are a grant-giving charity that wants more young people to enter their dream colleges and become true professionals that’ll benefit society. Who knows, perhaps one of the applicants who lack money to pay tuition fees will become a famous researcher and invent something that’ll change the world? gives a helping hand to prospective students in the UK. Besides granting money to students from low-income families, Tiko Foundation helps those seeking asylum. Access to higher education is a primary need of all people, and it’s supported by the Declaration of Human Rights. The full application guide is available on We understand that this process is often very intimidating and exciting for prospective students; that’s why we did our best to make it as easy as possible. The documents on the website will let you find out whether you’re eligible or not. If you meet all the criteria, don’t be afraid to get closer to a successful future.

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