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The five numerological numbers
The five numbers used in numerology are building blocks that create a person's numerological chart. The numbers are based on your birth date, or birth name and they have significant effects on your behavior or character. Besides, you can calculate your numerological number using a simple technique. This is the basis of oracle and Tarot readings proven to improve self-efficacy. On this URL you can get more information on how to use oracle readings to improve your inner self. Astrologists use these techniques to manage depression, anxiety and stress. This article will discuss ways you can use numerology to improve your inner self.

Expression number
The expression number provides information about your life goals and the natural gifts that are peculiar to you when you are born. The number is calculated using the numerological vibrations that are tied to the birth name that you were given when you were born. The number offers individual information on weaknesses, talents, and abilities.

Life path number
The number acts as a personal blueprint that contains details about a person's life path, and it has an impact on responses, reactions and character traits portrayed by a person. When using numerology, the figure is calculated using the birth date, the month and year. The numbers are the most significant since they encode the details of a person’s entirety. On the numerology chart, the path number is considered the most significant.

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