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What do you know about the E-2 visa?

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The U.S. Investor Visa (E2), is a comprehensive program created by the United States to encourage investors from around the world to invest in the United States, and thereby lead to the growth of the American economy. The U.S. Investor Visa - E2 is a temporary work visa for the purpose of managing or working for a firm that is approved under the Investor Visa Program. Do I need to take this visa?

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I think the important thing for a visa is the information that you study. Because there are a lot of different nuances. To avoid nuances in getting an E2 visa, I studied the information on the website . As for me it is the most important thing. To know everything. Because this is a new technology. I think that the registration of this visa gives a lot of advantages.

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Unlike the L-1 business visa, which is also popular with foreigners who have their eyes set on America, the E-2 status does not require proof of a relationship between a foreign company and a business in the United States. The presence of work experience in managerial positions is also not key. The validity of the E-2 visa in the United States depends on the country of which the investor is a citizen. Thus, the visa is valid for Canadians for five years. The status can be extended, and the number of such extensions is unlimited. The main condition is that the company in which the investment was made must continue to function stably.


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