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What is a Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS/VDS)

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What is a Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS/VDS)
Let's start by writing a couple of paragraphs purely for VPS — what it is, what they eat with, how it works and why they need it. Some "depth" to touch, will not, because you "don't know", but on the surface for a run.
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So, VPS is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, which, in fact, means "virtual dedicated server". There is also VDS (an abbreviation of Virtual Dedicated Server), but it means about the same thing (it differs in the details of the implementation of virtualization), so providers often see the summary designation VPS/VDS.
It turns out that both VPS and traditional "virtual hosting" involve hosting a number of sites on a single physical machine (server) at once. So what is the difference? The fact is that VPS allows you to separate from your server neighbors with a very high degree of confidence. The virtualization technologies used allow you to use your own operating system on VPS/VDS with any set of software, as well as gain independence in terms of a unique IP address, individual root access, etc.things.
In general, from outside, the virtual server will look like a real dedicated one, as if the entire physical machine belongs only to you. By the way, the latter option is also actively used by site owners, but mainly for "serious" projects or people who are very reinsured. In this case, the "isolation" will already be real without any "virtualities", which is good, but the price will be significantly higher.
The second main difference between a virtual (or real server) and a virtual hosting is a clearly defined amount of resources that are provided to you for undivided use.

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