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Why is it difficult to get a job in Cyprus?

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Why is it difficult to get a job in Cyprus?

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Hi there, I would rather recommend I used to find my current job there and I am pretty satisfied with its condition and my wage. Simply try to monitor this platform at least twice per day and be sure you will find something suitable for you. I hope it can help. Good luck

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yes, it is. If you accept wages so low that you will be barely able to decently live there…

For example, a one bedroom flat is around €400/month….you can expect around €200 for food and utility bills…base salary full time is around €800.

Most of the locals don’t accept those jobs, even when living at their parents…

Most employers ask for high level diplomas and years of experience, but offer very low salaries, so most qualified young cypriots leave for England, Australia or South Africa to get wages which suit their qualification and experience.

Besides, there are discrepancies between cities: it’s much easier to find a job in the economic capital, Limassol, but then rents skyrocket there…


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