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April 2014 Update

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We've been making good progress since the last update. Here are a few of the more notable things;

* Canute development has improved significantly recently. This is in a large part due to the new structure of work-flow we've adopted. Steph encouraged us to look into Agile methodology, which breaks the work down into discrete chunks called 'sprints'. Each sprint is up to two months long as ends with a finished prototype. In order to keen us on the straight and narrow Nic has taken on the mantle of Project Manager. (Strictly speaking Agile sprints don't have Project Managers, but who's checking?) This has been a great success and we've already improved the design by more so far this year than in the last nine months of 2013. We're currently cross testing our 2 characters by 1 line and 12 characters by 1 line prototypes.

* Steph and Paul co-chaired the first and second Bristol Braillists usergroup meetings --- with assistance from Scott --- both of which were great successes. Rather than go into detail I'll wait until the minutes and summary are formally posted.

* Midas development continues. Sam is going to spin it off as a separate company soon, so I'll leave all further news to him.

In general its been an excellent start to the year for Bristol Braille and --- we hope as a consequence --- for the cause of Braille literacy too.

Ed Rogers

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