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BBT at Sight Village Birmingham 2014

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Eric and I will be at Sight Village on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th. Look out for our stall and come talk to us about Canute, Midas and the new Bristol Braillists usergroup.

Here's a plug from VI Talk's Audio Boo channel (which is well worth subscribing to):

Hope to see some of you there.


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Here's coverage from the event by VIP Advisor, who interviewed me Wednesday afternoon about Canute and Midas:

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Thanks to all you who came up to us at Sight Village to express your interest. We've got about a score new members of the Bristol Braillists as a result of the show. Those of you who asked to be signed up will receive an e-mail from Steph shortly.

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More coverage from Leeanne Coyle from Insight Radio:

I should clarify an error on my part that's picked up on and repeated in the interview. We are planning to go to market next year, as in by the end of 2015, *not* by this time next year.

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