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Blind Dad from Worcester Receives Royal Invitation to Champion Braille

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::Blind Dad from Worcester Receives Royal Invitation to Champion Braille

Worcester, 29 October 2015

Dave Williams, 39, from St. Peter’s, has been invited to St. James’s Palace in London to raise awareness of a new type of Braille e-reader designed to make Braille more affordable for the blind.

“In Worcester we are very lucky to have a school where every teacher knows Braille. But blind children in mainstream schools across the country often have poor literacy due to a shortage of Braille skills and expensive Braille equipment.” Dave explains. “Imagine if your child had to learn English and Maths from teachers who could not read and write? And what if the special computer your child needed for learning cost ten times a normal laptop? It’s a scandal. As a blind parent, I am excited by the opportunity to promote the value of Braille.”

42 Entrepreneurs are participating in the Pitch@Palace event taking place at St. James’s Palace on Monday 2 November. Dave will be attending with Bristol Braille Technology, a community interest company who have demonstrated a prototype Braille e-reader that costs a fraction of existing products.

Braille is a simple tactile pattern for representing written language, and is the only proven method of literacy for blind people. Find out more about Braille from the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Dave Williams

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