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Canute Usergroup to be founded in Bristol

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We are going to be launching a Canute Usergroup in Bristol in the next couple of months. The aim is for the engineering team to work together with local Braillists in partnership to make Canute the device that it really needs to be.

The Canute is being designed to be affordable by individuals rather than just Governments & corporations, locally repairable & useful for decades to come, like the common bicycle, made with Open Source software & running entirely Open Source firmware. So it only makes sense that our intended first users should share ownership of the development process.

Canute is still in development & the usergroup will not initially be testing it, but be a discussion group who meet at regular intervals (in a pub, or possibly the Watershed) to talk about Braille & technology.

Get in contact with us ( if you live in the area & are interested in joining us!

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