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Call BlockerCall Blocker is a serious tool, blocking unnecessary calls and text messages.
Here you can download Call Blocker
App Features:
- Block unwanted + Spam calls and SMS;
- Function " Send calls to voice mail or hang up on the caller";
- Blacklisted subscribers-add any phone number or area code (3 numbers limit in the free version);
- FCC Do Not Call integration, reports incoming and blocked automatically;
- Hang up the phone, while calls do not go to voice mail;
- Internet and Local Backup-save all your lists, the ability to integrate on the SD card for recovery or transfer to another device;
- Reverse Lookup-Search for any unknown phone number and find out who is calling you;
- Community Blacklist Example One Time Update - Go Pro for complete blacklist and daily updates!
- Free automatic updates of the black list of communities (Pro version).
- Block by code area (i.e. 206, 888, 800)
- Block of private and unknown subscribers
- Call Log Integration - Blacklist and whitelist.Lookup directly from the call log;
- Safe modes-contacts from the phone book, Whitelist, block all calls;
- Call waiting and blocking is supported.

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