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Can anyone recommend a good nanny camera?

append delete John L. Allen

Hi everyone! Guys I hope that you can help me. I`m looking for a nanny camera. What should I consider when buying a nanny cam these days?

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append delete #1. Kody Horn

Hi, I think you should look for a camera with good video and sound quality. It has to be very secure as well.

append delete #2. John L. Allen

Can you recommend something specific? Thanks in advance :)

append delete #3. Kody Horn

I can recommend the cam that I`m using. It has built-in mics and speakers for easy two-way audio so I can talk with my son or nanny even when I'm out of the house. It's called Homam. This cam is extremely secure cause all footage is stored on internal storage and only you can decrypt it with your phone. Here’s a link if you’re interested [url=]Homam[/url]

append delete #4. Kody Horn

Sorry, here is the link


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