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The following are the lessons one can learn about the culture after watching the four assigned movie clips. First, culture is determined by different national geographic areas. For example, in different regions, culture varies in terms of food eaten and the way of living. Secondly, different cultures use certain gestures to express emotions; for instance, in some countries, people shake hands as a way of exchanging greetings. Lastly, pronunciation differs in cultures hence an aspect of cultural misunderstanding arises. For example, an individual from a different culture may visit a restaurant or motel and ask for a fork that the restaurant attendant interprets as an offence, hence creating cultural misunderstanding.
I believe Americans are more ethnocentric than people in the western industrial nations. This is because most of the European countries are surrounded by many states with different cultures (Kinder & Kam, 2009). On the other side, America has less cultural diversity. Ethnocentrism contributes to the positive functioning of the American culture, because it creates a sense of unity among the community and family members. In addition, ethnocentrism gives Americans a sense of self-worth and value, because people appreciate being a part of a culture or a nation they believe is good. Excessive ethnocentrism can result in cultural pride. In this context, people from a state or culture with excessive ethnocentrism think that they are superior to any other culture (Kinder & Kam, 2009).
Cultural relativism is the perception that all customs, ethics, and beliefs are closely related to an individual within his social context. Cultural relativism is not always positive, because there are instances of negative cultural relativism that should be condemned. A good example of negative cultural relativism is the FGM in Muslim societies. This practice includes removing clitoris in girls when they reach maturity. It is appropriate to condemn cultural practices that are deemed as sins. This is because practices such as FGM have no cultural relevance or health significance (Billet, 2007).

Cultural relativism in different countries has a different influence on society. This very wide topic to explore. I think we need a lot of time for research. Or we can buy pre written essays at

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