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Most retailers have gift cards today. And recently, their electronic versions began to appear - for example, among the TOP-100 online stores, many companies have such cards. Unlike a plastic gift card, an electronic one can be instantly sent by email. One of the key conditions for the effectiveness of the gift program is the noticeable location of the cards on the site, which allows attracting the attention of users to this service. Brands are actively promoting their electronic gift cards by placing bright banners on their home pages. There are links to buy a gift card in the footer and in the main menu. Information about maps can be found on the desktop and mobile versions of the sites. The amount of the gift can be selected from the proposed options or you can specify your own. Do you use gift cards? What is your opinion of them?

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Many banks offer the population a wide range of card products. These products include credit, debit, electronic and prepaid cards. The gift card from banks belongs to the category of prepaid offers. It is this version of the card product that has been in great demand lately.

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If the holder of the gift plastic loses it, then it is impossible to restore it along with the money, so you need to be careful and attentive. If there is a loss or loss of the card, it is recommended to contact the bank's hotline. If you manage to block such a product, then there is a possibility of a refund, but in most cases no one remembers the 16-digit number, without which the card cannot be identified.

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Do you want to purchase or activate a gift card? Here's a quick guide to help you navigate. Get a gift card. Go to website and create an account for free. If you already have it, just log in. Enter the code you received when buying a gift card. You can safely spend your balance on game add-on items and services! Gift cards of various denominations are available in a number of stores. Select a country for a complete list of retailers.

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When you receive a gift card, you deposit a certain amount. In fact, this amount will play the role of a gift, only the recipient of the presentation can spend the funds anywhere, in which store he wants. That is, by definition, a gift bank card will be cash withdrawn.

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Bank gift cards are non-standard means of payment. In fact, their main task is a donation tool: the recipient receives a present and spends the amount of the gift, paying for the necessary purchases with a card. As soon as the limit is used up, the plastic can be thrown away.


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