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How do I get a second mortgage with bad credit?

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How do I get a second mortgage with bad credit?

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If there is equity in the property a private lender can consider giving you a mortgage. Interested can be as low as 10%up to 16%

The loan to value can be as little as 40% and as high as 60%. This means is your property value is 100,000 first and second mortgage cannot total more than 40,000 to 60,000.

Bear in mind that if you are unable to pay on time your loan these lenders will foreclose and get your property at 50% of it's value.

This is why they are called hard money lender.

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Hi, check out the information I went through second mortgage with bad credit I was immediately contacted and offered service. These guys were very informative and eager to help. I am one of the very few without a large amount of unsecured credit debit or I am positive this company would have helped me.

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<a href=''>Cheap Homework Service</a> Remember that on the off chance that you can't pay on time your advance these banks will abandon and get your property estimation. This is the reason they are called hard cash moneylender.


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