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How do I remove a password from QuickBooks?

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If you no longer need your QuickBooks password, you can easily remove it from the software. The steps are quite easy to follow and can be implemented within a few seconds. Moreover, if you come across any trouble while manually executing the steps and require technical assistance, feel free to have a word with the experts at QuickBooks Support.
 Open QuickBooks software and log in with your user ID and password
 Click on the Company File from the menu bar.
 From the given options, click on ‘Change QuickBooks Password’
 Enter your existing password. Leave the New password and the Confirm Password field empty
 Click on the ‘Challenge Question,’ select your desired one, but leave the answer field blank.
 Click on ‘Okay,’ and it will remove the password functionality.
 Now you will not need a password for logging to the software.
You should also be aware of protecting your financial data and thinking twice before removing your password. If you are quite sure about the same, then only take this risk.

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