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How to deal with insomnia?

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How to deal with insomnia? help me solve this problem

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Basic tips:
Stick to a sleep schedule. Keep your bedtime and wake time consistent from day to day, including on weekends.
Stay active. ...
Check your medications. ...
Avoid or limit naps. ...
Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol and don't use nicotine. ...
Don't put up with pain. ...
Avoid large meals and beverages before bed.

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I have bad sleep and insomnia often bothers me. I have a hard job and I am a lot nervous. I did not know how to solve the mob problem with insomnia for a long period of time and a friend advised me to buy weighted blanket Ireland at a nice price on this site. I was pleasantly surprised by its high quality and efficiency. it improved my sleep and I improved my well-being. I am sure that this is one of the most useful purchases in my life.


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