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Short Essay on My Family

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Family means Forever Affectionate Member I Love You, For Always Main Inspires Love You. Whenever we come to this word, a variety of positive feelings come to our mind like support, love, strength, care, comforts etc. We feel lucky for being a family member. I would like to say that Family means Father And Mother Include Lovely Younger’s. Family, in which all the partners have full self-rule to do anything in their own life or to live any life style, and another partners should keep up him/her when any one is needed. Family is a group of people with their own set of problem and limits but have time and energy to help you with your troubles and limitations. Family nurtures our mind and body. Family is simply people who make you love, welcome and valued. In any sense, family is the strongest form of kinship or ties that a person can set up in his or her social world. If you have any situation family always support to you. We have learned culture and language and strength and power and love anyone from Family. Everyone have a family, but not give to more important. In this era especially younger’s not give to importance for elders. They are most of the time depend on cell phone. So anyone can’t spend time for family .Now a day’s most of the younger’s stay without parents so they aren’t know the meaning of family ( Ref : ). Family may give the feeling like a simple idea, but there is no simple meaning of family. In common words, a family is a group of persons who share a legal bond. They live as one with a special bond called love. Family stands on the pillars of task, trust, give up and hope. Family forever Family is an main issue of life; it’s who you are and who you have become today. Family has a special meaning to one and all, for some family is just your parent’s sisters and brothers. Thank you. All the best .

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