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Structure of an essay


The intro forms the main part of an essay. It gives glow on the entire theme of your answer. The intro must be crisp and clear. The examiner must get an idea about the full subject you are going to cover in your essay. Also, the intro spots the way you have dealt with the answer. If your method is not like others then you can impress him easily. Do not be over do in the beginning. Keep the points as crisp as possible.
The body part should have the details of your intro points. You should be logical and orderly in this part of your answer. There must be a link between the intro and the body. The essay must be naturally linked through the intro and the detailed body. You can note down the key points that come to your mind after reading the topic. It is a smart way to note down the flow of thoughts coming to your mind. Later on you can explain those points in a detailed manner. ( )
Your answer has to be a perfect sum of social, legal, political and economical aspects. It will make sure that all the points are covered. The examiner gets the idea that you touched all the angles to make a good essay. Always try to express your views in brief, crispy sentences. Do not go with lengthy words and sentences to get more marks. No one loves to read a lengthy and boring answer. Your language should be sturdy. Practice writing essays so that you do not submit weak essay on the day of the exam. It will lift up your confidence and improve the quality of the essays slowly.
The conclusion should recap the whole points and intro of the topic. The statement with which you started your essay should say the overall theme of the essay in your conclusion. Only then is a perfect essay completed.

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