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Towns near Kriopigi

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We are staying in Kriopigi in may - only for four nights - but we would like to visit surrounding towns for bars/cocktails/ maybe some local shops, some places of interest for photography?

We don’t mind walking or 10-15 mins in a taxi, just wondering where the most worthwhile places to visit are? Easiest to get to? Bar/Restaurant recomendations welcome! Thanks!

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Afitos is lovely, definitely worth a visit one day, the most traditional village on the peninsula with lovely views.

For a more low-key nightlife I would recommend Hanioti & Pefkohori, both have a great selection of bars & restaurants, some of which get pretty lively, but most are more relaxed cocktail style bars.

Kalithea nightlife consists more of big outdoor clubs which are unlikely to be fully up & running that early in the season.

If you have a car there are lots of lovely beach bars to visit as well, most of which have websites, have a look for Faros, Glarokavos, Molos, Villas, Cyano...


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