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These are the discussion boards for Bristol Braille Technology's Quixote display project.

Since the start of 2012 we have seen a steady increase of interest surrounding the Quixote, its aims, and its current state of development. We have therefore decided to open a public discussion about our work, about refreshable Braille, and about assistive technology in general.

If you have any questions for us, any suggestions for improvements, or any concepts for entirely different devices, please do post your thoughts on one of the boards.

Also, if you have a moment, consider introducing yourself to us on the General Talk board.

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E BOOKS are mainstream and proving increasingly popular with many sighted people wanting them too. So thousands and thousands of people read them... there are new up to day fantasy novels available as eBooks... It would open up the world for so many blind people giving up back real choice in what we read. Access to a huge range of new reading material. Make it accessible to visually impaired pc users and more than anything that will encouraging the newly blind to learn Braille.. whether that be child or adult. This new and finally afordable refreshable Braille display will not be just useful it will be fun too.. and that is what I think is needed ... to have the fun put back into Braille again. to get that joy of reading something new and up to date like anyone else. A boom you actually will enjoy instead of having to make do with the extremely limited choice and old Braille books from the rnib. Just think.. books to read that were not brailled up 10 years ago! now that will encourage so many new braille readers.
This is something great that you and your team have achieved here... a truly affordable braille display for people like me who have little money. I started saving for it two years ago and will soon have that 330! so so looking forward to getting one eventually.


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