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What are some fun games for seniors?

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What are some fun games for seniors?

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Hi, I guess you mean some brain activity. You see, to keep the mind clear and sharp, one has to give it different tasks every day, and not just the easy ones. But you can relax, no one is talking about solving mathematical problems in your head. I recommend to give a try to these cool games for seniors I used to play with my grants. Hope it will make sense for you

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Tennis Ball Race—This game increases muscle strength and hand-eye coordination. You will not require racquets when playing this game. Instead, only two tennis balls to pass around. The objective is to pass one ball as fast as possible so it can catch up with the other ball. Whoever ends up with both balls in their hands will be out of the next game.

With the help of professional caregivers, senior citizens can enjoy their favorite games and activities at home.


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