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What are your favorite flowers?

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What are your favorite flowers?

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Parijatam:— it is considered to be the flower used in puja for the Gods. The word ‘parijata’ literally means Celestial. Fallen from heaven.

While flowers like jasmine, and others are plucked in the daylight to offer them at the altar, the flowers of parijata are the only one picked from the ground and considered as sacred as any other flowers.

They have attained the special status of being God’s favourite flowers. The flowers of parijat bloom in night. By sunrise they fall on ground.

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I just happened to stumble upon this beauty while studying Botany. Can't just get enough of it. It's fascinating how beautifully the blue blends with turquoise, then jade, then green and finally with the slightest strokes of yellow at the core. And to top it all, nothing could have beautified it more than a violet calyx. <3<3


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