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On balcony doors and room windows, special fittings are installed - a structure made of metal elements of a swing-out or swing-type type. Due to these details, movable sashes and doors can be opened completely wide open or in a stationary position pulled out from above keeping the lower part of the sash leaning against the frame. The depth of such tilting is regulated by special "scissors" with limited travel. Most often, to open the sash or balcony door, it will be necessary to overcome the resistance created by the seal. If other malfunctions occur that are difficult even to diagnose or determine by the behavior of the window mechanism, you need to contact the professionals.

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Windows are an important element of protecting a room from external weather conditions and noise, and they also prevent heat from escaping from the apartment. Plastic windows can quite successfully serve faithfully for up to 50 years, but this does not mean at all that they do not need good maintenance.

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I already thought that I would have to put a new window, but here the master said that the seal just needs to be replaced. And the truth has helped nowhere blowing. And the mechanisms in the window are oiled now opens easily and there is a large selection of different types of groove seals for wooden windows in a wide range of colors: white ivory mahogany brown light oak gray black.

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Most often, such a malfunction is observed on windows installed more than 10 years ago. At that time, metal-plastic structures were only gaining their popularity and there were no time-tested mechanisms. In the event of problems with closing, first of all, a visual inspection of the fittings on the sash and the striking plates on the frame should be carried out. If you notice any breakdowns on the window frames, you should contact window specialists in sash repair. Scott James Sash Windows Specialists


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