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How do you decorate your house?

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Tell me how you can decorate your home?
I would really like to decorate my house with different decorations, such as flowers, what would you advise me?

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#1. Umbrella166

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I advise you to choose a comfortable option for themselves, for example, I order flowers in baskets, they look very beautiful in any home, regardless of style.
I mostly order them here
I really like when fresh flowers are in the house, they filter the air and give a good mood.
I've been buying flowers into my house for about a year now and I feel like the house has become less dusty.
Plus I like flowers in baskets because they require minimal care and last long enough.

append delete #3. AnasteishaBuckovsky

Personally, I'm sorry to spend my money on some flowers for the house, I think it's a waste of money.
I understand giving flowers to someone or giving them to you and you keep them, but to buy flowers by yourself, excuse me.

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