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New Year Update: The Quixote, Other Projects & Canute

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A belated happy New Year everyone! Its been a long time since we’ve done a news item, so I though it best to start 2013 with an overview of what we’ve been up to of late.

Firstly, some change to the Quixote project. The refreshable Braille display based on the principle of the slider-encoder, described in the Youtube video, continues to be worked on by a third party. We are not at liberty to discuss this in any detail at the moment, but hopefully we will be able to do a release about progress here soon. Meanwhile we at Bristol Braille continue to see how we can take the basic idea of the slider-encoder and apply it to less conventional displays.

Secondly, there are two more projects which we may be contributing to. The first is the Smart Remote concept proposed on our boards some months ago by Tom Lloyd. He and the RNIB are as keen as us to see this take off, so we are now looking for people who might be interested in aiding in this effort. The second is a new kind of glasses for the almost entirely blind, to be outlined this shortly on our boards by Lee Sylvester. These glasses are a very interesting new project that aims to bring some measure of long distance sight back to those who cannot currently see more than a few inches in front of their faces. Lee, too, welcomes expressions of interest from both potential users and would-be contributors.

Thirdly and finally, we are pleased to formally announce an entirely new design, previously referred to on this site as ‘Algernon’, the b-book reader ‘Canute’. Canute is an attempt to build a full-page Braille e-book reader; hence b-book reader. We’re keeping this one close to our collective chest for now. Suffice to say it is mechanical, but is neither related nor technically similar to either the Quixote or, so far as we are aware, any other published mechanical design.

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append delete #1. Gaela Benn


I would love to be able to access e-books with a braille readout. I am happy reading in braille as a sight and hearing impaired person but totally frustrated at the extremely limited amount of books available in braille. Reading is where my imagination comes to life. Where my disability should not be a bar to new worlds and new exciting adventures.

But at the present I am still chained to earth by lack of access. So few sci-fi books are available in braille and most of those are very old publications. I want to be able to read the newest titles not ones from the 60s and 70s. Ebooks are available from my local library and I could download them from home.. great in theory. But then I have no means to read them in braille.

Canute could open them up to me so that i too "may boldly go where no man has gone before!"


append delete #2. Elive

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