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Vehicle owners regularly meet with the vehicle identification code (VIN). This VIN number is required for vehicle insurance, registration with the traffic police, and in some other cases.
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This code contains data that is not present in the PTS.
The VIN code will help you find out more complete characteristics of the car, and when buying a used vehicle-make sure that the VIN number has not been changed in order to hide any information.
The VIN code of a car can be equated to a person's fingerprint — it is unique, its combinations are never repeated.
It allows you to check the history of vehicles and find out the number of owners, participation in road accidents, whether the car is under arrest or on bail, whether it is registered as stolen in the traffic police database, whether this car was used as a taxi.
In car showrooms, they can also change individual data about vehicles, hiding the year of production of a new vehicle, and entering other data in the primary PTS.


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